Medical / Hematology / Stem Cells
Blood Products From Mesenchymal Stem Cells
• A method of differentiating mesenchymal stem cells (MeSCs) to produce blood products in vitro
• The produced blood products can be used to treat a large number of diseases
• Useful for patients with allergic and autoimmune reactions to donated blood products

• Autologous donor MesScs or allogenic donor MesSCs may be used
Research Tool
Ex-Vivo Pigskin Wound Model
• Alternative to animal trials
• Cost effective model for testing raw materials and active substances, wound
dressings and transplanted cells
• Very Similar to human skin
“Re-Useable” Antibodies
(with Reversible Affinity)

• Re-Useable Antibody Breakthrough (for the purification of substances)
• Switchable affinity technology based on allosteric modulation
• Ultra-mild ellution conditions preserve the integrity of both the target substance and the antibodies
• Offers a significant improvement in both efficiency and cost
• Suitable for Affinity Chromatography Kits or Process Scale Purification
DNA Testing / Forensics
Genotyping of Degraded & Low Copy DNA Samples

• BioPlex-11 multiplex PCR system provides an accurate solution for analysing degraded and low copy DNA samples
• Allows simultaneous analysis of ten short amplicon STR systems for a single aloquot
• May be applicable for the analysis of telogen hair roots
• German Patent Application, international applications possible
Biomedical / Immunotherapy 
Fusion Proteins as Prodrugs in Tumor Therapy
• Therapeutic treatment of cancer and infectious diseases as well as autoimmune deficiencies
• Particularly suited to solid tumors as well as angiogenesis in pathological lesions
• Antitumor activity is only activated in the diseased tissue (“prodrug”)
• A range of cytokines of the TNF family may be used, including TNF, FasL, TRAIL, CD40L and LIGHT
• Status: PCT Application Pending
Biomedical / Neuronal O2
Neuroglobin: a Novel Vertebrate Globin

• Applicable to neurodegenerative diseases (eg, Alzheimer's / Parkinson's)
• Neuroglobin (Ngb) is exclusively expressed in neuronal and endocrinal tissue and is responsible for the transport and storage of oxygen in neuronal cells
• The technology enables identification of Ngb with antibodies, a process for the manufacture of Ngb, and the production of antibodies against Ngb

Biomedical / Oncology
CTL Cream Vaccine Treatment for Cancer and Persistent Virus Infections
• CTL Cream Vaccine with relevance to cancer and persistent virus infections
• Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte cream experimentally successful in activating T-cells
• Induction of a potent immune response exclusively against the target epitope
• May provide new treatment options for Cancer and persistent virus infections like CMV and Human Papilomavirus
Biomedical / Oncology
Oligopeptides for Cancer Immunotherapy
• New & specific oligopeptides derived from TAA (tumor-associated antigens)
• Application as an immunotherapy for tumor patients, and as targets for adoptive T-cell, or T-cell receptor transfer
• Suitable for the most sensitive and reliable immunomonitoring techniques
• Synthesis and purification of oligopeptides are safe and cost effective
Biomedical / Oncology
Site-Directed Mutagenesis of T-Cell Receptors
• Biochemical synthesis of gene-modified antigen-specific T-lymphocytes
• Novel approach to immune therapy for cancer / virus diagnosis & prevention
• Both individual and general tumor therapy applicable
• Antigenicity and rejection of the modified therapeutic molecule minimised
• IP Status: German & International patent application
Ultra-High Resolution ‘Optical-Nanoscopy’
• Breakthrough in ultra-high resolution opticial microscopy (fluoroscopy)
• A major improvement in resolution compared to existing optical techniques
• Particularly beneficial for investigating fine biological structures (which can be damaged by electron-based techniques)
• Retrofitting of conventional quantitative fluorescence microscopes possible
In Situ Microscope Probe Utilising SLD Illumination and Multimode Optical Fiber
• Process Microscopy innovation for moving particles in liquids or gases
• Combined SLD illumination (super-luminescent diode technology) with multi-mode optical fiber reduces interference and improves image quality
• Suitable for automatic image analysis (for online concentration and morphology measurements)
Photonics / Spectroscopy
CW (Continuous Wave) Dye Laser based on a Polymer Disc
• The World's first CW solid state dye laser
• Tunability >40nm / CW output of 20mW, with a threshold ~ 500mW
• Significant advantages over liquid solvent based lasers
• Ease to handle (the lasing medium is sandwiched between two DVDs)
Medical / Respiratory
Automated Expirogram Solution for Improved Analysis of Airway Function
• First automated expirogram solution providing stable real-time monitoring of lung parameters on a breath-by-breath basis
• Available for implementation as an off-line analyzer or as an internal module incorporated into a conventional spirometry or capnography instrument
Medical / Gastro-Intestinal
Suction Stent for the Protection of Gastro-Intestinal Anastomoses
• Surgical implant for protecting gastro-intestinal wounds from leaky sutures
• Suction stent prevents anastomoses from exposure to gastric material
• Elimination of post-operative infections and peritonitis
• Mild vacuum conditions known to accelerate wound healing significantly